The smart baby bottle

The bottle

Fimi is a smart baby bottle. We created a bottle & a device to facilitate the nutrition of the babies.

The bottle is made of restistant and anti-bacterial material and is easy to handle.

With your fimi, you can know at any time the temperature of your baby bottle as well as the quantity of milk drunk by your baby. Don't hesitate anymore! Pre-order your fimi!

Current Price:

$ 99 for 1 device & 1 bottle

$ 10 for each additional bottle


The application has been thought for the users. The interface is simple: the main screen shows the temperature of the fimi and the quantity of the milk.

We conceived a chat service to communicate easily with your friends and a help section where you will find a guide. Finally, all the parameters of the baby as well as the statistics and other services will help you to care about your baby!

The app

(Doesn't work yet)

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