CHIC project - the story (part 1)

"The China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) aims to open students’ eyes to the new realities of innovation in emerging markets. To do so, students from EPFL, ecal and HEC Lausanne work in interdisciplinary teams on developing a connected device during the Spring semester (14 weeks). We then bring them to Shenzhen’s vibrant hacker and maker scene in July and have them finalize their prototypes and small-batch produce their devices."

Marc Laperrouza

Here is the first article of fimi's story. It will be decomposed into several parts which correspond more or less to the weeks used on our product.

Week 1:

Brainstorming session for our product’s Value Proposition

After a long evening our team came up with the first draft of our VP: We want to help parents to get a better understanding of their baby’s needs by monitoring its eating habits. By connecting our bottle to their smartphone they will be able to see if their baby has eaten enough today, and they can compare their baby’s values to those of other babies around the world!

A temperature sensor will furthermore assist parents in heating the milk up just to the right temperature and a security valve prevents the baby from drinking from the bottle when the milk inside is still too hot!

All in all: Plenty of challenges for Design, Business, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics! And we are excited to get this project going!

Many ideas on our VP…

…and a first product description!


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