CHIC project - the story (part 2)

Week 2:

Baby bottles: The one design to please them all!

It’s design-time! Over the weekend we have collected a lot of possible solutions and designs for our bottle! And with possibilities there come always more questions: How can we monitor temperature and volume of the milk? How exact do the measurements have to be? What shape is easy to clean, easy to handle and hopefully appreciated by babies? How can we integrate our sensors into the bottle and make it still machine-washable and microwave-proof? (attention: microwaving your baby bottle is not best practice, but for some people this is the way to warm it up!)

After evaluating a lot of possible sensors for liquid level measurements, from capacitive, pressure sensors, optical sensors over ultrasound and resistive methods we have decided to take a closer look at simple force sensors. These would allow us to integrate the sensor into the bottom part only, which we could then easily detach for machine washing of the bottle…

Another question: Can we make use of “smart” materials to open and close our security valve or do we rather go for a mechanical solution? This will be another one of the questions that we want to answer until Friday!

Only Design and Material science united…

… can find the optimal baby bottle!

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