CHIC project - the story (part 3)

Week 3:

Gather all the information!

We are currently working on all fronts to get as many facts about our preliminary solutions as possible:

Weight sensing: If you ever wondered what the inside of a kitchen scale looks like, here is a great video on the function and use of a strain gauge:

Smart valve: We found that SMA, which is short for “Shape Memory Alloy” could maybe be a solution for our smart valve. This material will “remember” its initial position and go back to it after being bent, as soon as it reaches a certain temperature. Surely an exciting material to work with. But could it be a bit too fancy for a baby bottle? We will find out!

Mechanical design: We are currently bringing together mechanical engineering and industrial design to come up with the first drafts for the connection between all of the pieces. Come back soon for some first images!

Market analysis: Market analysis, customer surveys, business model. There is a lot to do to find out how much our baby bottle should cost and how we can actually sell it. We are sure that parents could benefit from our product, but we need to understand the market. If you want to help us out, just leave a reply on this blog about what you think about our baby bottle or fill out the survey that can be found on this page very soon!

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