CHIC project - the story (part 4)

Week 4:

Let’s do it: Roadmap to first milestone

This week we did some wrap-up of all the work we have done so far. You can check out our whole presentation on the front-page of this blog (here). But here are some of the key points so far:

Field study: We have spoken to a lot of different people that could possibly come into contact with our product. We got some valuable insight in

existing solutions and consumer behavior by speaking to the vendors and the manager of a Baby Shop in Lausanne. We also got some insight from talking to nurses at the CHUV and to people at a day nursery, which actually told us that some function that let’s you have a small diary of the baby’s day could be beneficial. And apparently baby bottles with a 30 degree neck don’t really hold what they promise (being anti-colic), so we could also profit from a design point of view! Other good news: We could distribute some questionnaries via the nursery daycare and should soon have some first-hand responses from the parents!

Design: A lot has been going on since our last update. For the field study Arthur made some 3D sketches to show people how our bottle could potentially look like. Here they are:

First 3D sketches of how our bottle could look like!

And of course these sketches did not just fall from the sky. There’s some hard work and several design ideas behind them. So if you are interested in what a designer does before he/she can present nice pictures like the ones above, here you go:

If you read our blog closely, you have already seen some of these!

Electrical engineering: For the first milestone it would be nice to have a first list of components that we can order to begin with testing. So after checking out different solutions for which microcontroller corresponds best to our needs we decided to take one that’s “en vogue” at the moment: The Arduino Uno. If you don’t know it, you can look it up here: Arduino

The main reasons for our choice are the Open Source nature of the development board and the vast amount of libraries that exist for the Arduino. If there is a sensor, there is almost sure also a library for Arduino for it!

The Arduino Uno board

Block diagram with the ATmega328 in the centre

All the components are ready to order and are compatible with the Arduino Board. We will keep you posted about them as soon as they arrive! If you want to know already more or less what we order check the Block Diagram above.

Materials: For the materials we still have some difficult choices ahead. Do we want to build a smart valve or is it too complicated? We actually found some existing patents and solutions that could help us:

Sketches of a possible smart valve

Another possibility is that we look for an anti-bacterial bottle material and do some tests on that instead of implementing the smart valve. This seems reasonable and a bit more realistic. But we will keep you posted!

Software: Check out our presentation for details about a possible first App design! We will first use Android Studio and the associated SDK to get the Bluetooth working and implement statistics, a “How to prepare a Baby Bottle” Tutorial and the above mentioned “Baby diary”. Maybe in a second step we will also try an iOS App.

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