CHIC project - the story (part 5)

Recharging our batteries

Milestone 1 done – but who needs sleep anyway?

After the milestone last week we had a “forced” short break this week. We ordered all our components an were waiting for them until the first package arrived on Friday of this week. The second one will hopefully arrive early next week.

But waiting does not mean sitting around and doing nothing, that’s not an option with our tight timetable! Our engineers went out to look for supervisors for our project and they found them! As the project goes on we will maybe have time to introduce them and describe their role a little further, but the important part for now is that each member of the group should be able to deliver a final report that respects our university’s guidelines with the help of our supervisors.

We also found a workplace in one of EPFL’s electronic laboratories where we can start to put together our components next week! ELB217 will hopefully be the base for many productive and successful engineering sessions!

Other than that we are currently evaluating the feedback of Alex and Marc as well as the feedback we got from our field studies. And again, this means that we are questioning our design a lot and try to improve it more and more.

As always, if you have ideas and comments feel free to post them below, or contact us directly via our homepage:

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