CHIC project - the story (part 6)

Week 6:

To the Lab!

All the components arrived and we were able to do some testing!

  • 0-500g load cell and INA125 Instrumentation amplifier: Everything works great and is easy to connect! We just followed the instructions on seeedstudio’s wiki page and connected the output to our Arduino Uno analog input and we had a ready-to-go scale! Next steps here: Calibration and physical integration into the device.

  • TMP007 IR Sensor vs. DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor: Both of these sensors come with an extraordinary easy-to-use Arduino library and are even easier to connect than the load cell because thanks to the internal math engine of the TMP007 and internal conversion of the DS18B20 no amplification is needed. Neat features of these devices are that the TMP007 is an IR sensor and can therefore work fully contactless and the DS18B20 can run on “parasite power” from the data line only, which makes it really interesting for low power applications! We will see after some testing which one makes the race!

  • The Grove ADXL335 works out-of-the-box as well! Again, seeedstudios wiki helped us to set up everything in no time. And the open-source nature of the breakout board will make it easy to implement this accelerometer into our application!

  • RedBearLab’s BLE shield for Arduino is in charge of our Bluetooth transmissions. Their github and homepage provided us with everything to set up a connection to our phone and we were already able to read some of the values directly from our Android device instead of just looking at the serial terminal! Next steps here: Program our own Android app and try to understand the quite complex schematics so that we can implement the nRF8001 chip in our PCB!

Here are some images of our Lab work this week:

We want to thank Madame Chantal Doré for allowing us to use the Lab space! This made our work this week a whole lot easier.

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