CHIC project - the story (part 7)

Week 7:

Per Altium ad astra…

This week’s tasks? Finish the PCB schematics, do a full market analysis, present a first complete CAD model and come up with the software/firmware structure… Easy.

PCB layout:

“The backbone of every great PCB design is the tools and talent of the designer” it is written on Altium’s homepage. Well, the tools were there and now we had one week to do something about the lack of talent. And again, we did it! Here we especially want to thank Alessandro Crespi, who gave a short introduction on PCB design for his project group and allowed us to also come and have a look. Long story short: We now have something that looks like a PCB. If it works is the big question, and we hope that we can answer that with some test-prints soon.

PCB layout

Our first PCB schematics

Market analysis: Our very own market analyst calculated that there are approximately 200’000 parents in Switzerland who could be susceptible to our product! So far so good, now there is the question: How do we reach them? And if we reach them, what profit can we make with our bottle? Manufacturing costs should soon be quite easy to calculate, as the PCB design is more or less ready in terms of components and size. So we’ll keep you updated on these questions!

Design: Our industrial designer and mechanical engineer worked together to create a bottle that does not only look incredibly nice (if we may say so) but is also functional already! The screw mechanism is implemented, so that the bottle can easily be attached to the sensor part and PCB as well as sensors now fit into the bottom part nicely!

3D CAD cut through our bottle

Software: Our mechanical engineer is now building his transversal skills in programming and has already done a nice job with some flow charts and diagrams! But because of our huge workload this week we can not yet present you a software prototype. We will keep you updated!

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