CHIC project - the story (part 8)

Week 8:

3D printing samples

We are going to use 3D printing in seeed studio for our baby bottle prototype. These 3D printing samples in the picture are used to test the tensile strength and the dynamic thermal properties of the 3D printing material whose name is vero white.

3D printed samples

Real bottles:

For the real bottle and mass production we are going to use polypropylene. Because our temperature sensor works through analyzing the infrared emissions of the milk we needed a material that is as transparent in the infrared spectrum as possible, and polypropylene is ideal for that while also being one of the most used materials for baby bottles. Below you can see the FTIR spectrums of the polypropylene container and the vero white prototype material and you’ll clearly see the difference:

FTIR for 3D printing vero white

FTIR for Polypropylene

For polypropylene used in container, there is a strong absorption peak around 3000cm-1 which will maybe influence the function of temperature sensor. For the prototype material the absorption peaks are more and stronger.

We are going to buy some baby bottles and study the FTIR spectrum of the materials used for real baby bottle and we will definitely have to test our temperature measurement extensively once we are at seeed studio!

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